Oklahoma weather timeline - 1900-1909

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The Oklahoma Weather Timeline provides a decade-by-decade listing of interesting or disastrous events that have occurred in Oklahoma's weather history. For more detailed daily summaries (since 2003) please view the Oklahoma monthly climate summaries.


Timeline 1900-1909

1900 September 9-10: Floods in eastern Indian Territory from heavy rains associated with remnants of the Galveston Hurricane.

1905 February 13 cold snap: Vinita –27 degrees, all-time state record lowest temperature. White Eagle reported minimum of –25.

1905 May 10: Tornado in Snyder kills 97.

1906 Coolest July of century: statewide-averaged temperature is 76.4 degrees.

1906 Wettest August of century: statewide-averaged precipitation of 6.54 inches.

1906 September 16: Sudden flooding along the Cimarron River south of Dover washes out the railroad bridge, causing a spectacular train wreck.

1907 Warmest March of century: statewide-averaged temperature of 59.6 degrees.

1907 Coolest May of century: statewide-averaged temperature of 62.3 degrees.

1908 Wettest June of century: statewide-averaged precipitation of 8.73 inches. Widespread flooding reported.

1909 Wettest November of century: 5.72 inches, averaged statewide. Despite the wet November, 1909 represents the onset of 1909-1918 drought, the driest 10-year period (statewide precipitation 29.34 inches per year).