Oklahoma weather timeline - 1920-1929

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The Oklahoma Weather Timeline provides a decade-by-decade listing of interesting or disastrous events that have occurred in Oklahoma's weather history. For more detailed daily summaries (since 2003) please view the Oklahoma monthly climate summaries.


Timeline 1920-1929

1920 May 2: F4 Peggs tornado destroys town, killing 71.

1920 May 17: 10 inch rain at Hugo in 12 hours.

1920 October 21-30: Extensive flooding along North Canadian River – levees breached in Oklahoma City, flooding low-lying industrial and residential sections.

1921 February 18,19: 8 to 18 inches of snow over most of the state.

1921 April 4,5: Heavy rain, flash flooding near Clinton – several hundred cattle drowned.

1922 March 13: F2 tornado at Gowan (Latimer County) kills 10.

1922 November 4: F4 tornado near Shamrock and Drumright kills 11.

1923: Warmest January of century: statewide-averaged temperature of 47.5 degrees.

1923 June 11-13: Severe flooding along Arkansas and Chikaskia rivers, especially in Ponca City, Blackwell, and Tulsa.

1923 October 13-16: Severe flooding along North Canadian. Breach of Lake Overholser Dam forces the evacuation of 15,000 residents in Oklahoma City. This flood led to a radical redistribution of housing patterns in the city as higher income families moved northward, away from the river.

1924 March: Heavy snow over most of the state, most of the month. Alva recorded 37 inches, Beaver 33 inches, Woodward 28.5 inches, Geary 25 inches, Mutual 24.2 inches, Norman 24 inches, Hooker 22 inches, Weatherford 21.5 inches, Eufaula, Hammon, and Waukomis 21 inches each, Oklahoma City 20.3 inches.

1925: Coolest October of century: statewide-averaged temperature of 55.3 degrees.

1925 July: Corn crop fails in summer drought.

1926 March 30: 16" snow at Boise City.

1927 April 6,7: Heavy rains added to already high stream flow produce greatest flooding along the Arkansas River (below the mouth of the Neosho River) since 1833.The flood extended through the 19th inundating 165,000 acres with losses totaling $4M (in 1927 dollars).

1927 April 18: F4 tornado in rural Choctaw County near Fort Towson kills 10.

1929: Coolest November of century: statewide-averaged temperature of 42.6 degrees.